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livepacks: gaming atmosphere


NUSofting Live Packs are collections of external sounds and presets for the native Ableton devices that are intended to provide key elements of sound, structure and function. These elements can be combined, deconstructed or edited in unlimited ways allowing for instant
inspiration and creativity. Taking advantage of the many Live features, various techniques are used in the creation of these sets so that users may become familiar with them. Whether they be common knowledge tricks or little known secrets, these techniques can be essential to an efficient Ableton workflow.

The main idea behind 'compositional workspaces' is simple: give users an easy way to break free from a creative dry spell and improve their Ableton workflow at the same time. Just drop the included project folder into your current Ableton projects and open the workspaces whenever you need a quick idea. The included content (clips, chains, etc) can be easily saved to the Ableton Library by drag and drop for use in other projects.


Each NUSofting Live Pack can contain many different types of content. A package of synth and drum loops are provided in the project folder, which can be quickly accessed through Ableton's file browser on the left. Also included are a large number of audio and MIDI clips which are arranged in different ways, creating grooves, melodies and basslines. Gaming Atmosphere is the first Live Pack we release and it's full of goods for your amusement.

This new pack for use with Ableton Live 7+ was created with a 'retro-ish' gaming feel in mind, and is ready to use for your productions. The included loops were designed to inspire creativity in the studio or stage, with a variety of fresh melodies, basslines and MIDI grooves to get you started right away.

    What's inside:

  • 47 Audio loops in a “Gaming Atmosphere”, of various lengths from 2 to 16 bars

  • 41 MIDI loops, the notes source used for “Gaming Atmosphere” audio loops

  • 12 MIDI Drums loops, already mapped as clips to 4 Impulse presets, arranged in 4 Live Set files = 4x12 clips

  • 10 Audio Drums loops

  • 3 “Workspace Projects”: a “workspace project” is a Live Set with many clips and devices (instruments and effect chains) neatly combined in one Session View.
    A “workspace project” is designed for your creativity: the clips (both audio and MIDI)
    are selected to allow easy song construction, just turn them on and try several combinations. A “workspace project” is also full of useful examples of what you can do with your Ableton Live.

The “Workspace Projects” includes:

  • Example configurations for clips modulation and arranging
  • Example scenes with key mapping for live remixing
  • A variety of new custom effect chains with macro control
  • Custom Simpler device chains with macro control
  • Several Impulse kits and drum racks with macro control
  • An easy, organized layout with endless possibilities
  • A focused, inspiration-driven approach at composition


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